Friday, June 11, 2010


We have had one of the worst springs for gardening in recorded history. Our gardening friends have reported many plant losses because of the cold temperatures and copious quantities of rain. After touring our own garden between rain showers,we realized we had some damaged or dead plants as well. So now that the weather is turning for the better, we have to do some replanting. To help gardeners do some replanting, we are having a special 10% off sale and open garden Saturday, June 19th from 10am to 1pm. The plants in the greenhouse look great, unlike some of our plants in the garden.

Although not dead, the Saliva 'Hot Lips' looks pretty bad in the garden but our plants in the greenhouse look great. So we are replanting some. Most of the succulents have survived pretty well. The Agave-like Furcrea gigantea variegata is a tender tropical and fared the worst and started going down hill after about three weeks of March weather. It can be used as a house plant when temperatures turn cold. It is one of natures "drama queens" and in spite of its tenderness, it steals the show in the garden or in a nice container. The Echeverias have done fine and the Lewisia actually loved the cool weather. Plants are like people, some are dramatic, some are dry and others are all wet and rotten.

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  1. We're excited about your upcoming June 19 sale! I have written a blog on the ProGrass Landscape Care & Design website to promote it.
    Good luck!