Sunday, May 23, 2010

Successful Plant Sale

Our annual open nursery and garden was a great success- thanks to the weather gods and all of you that came out to see our garden and purchases plants. We estimate that we had about 1,500 visitors. People sampled wine, had lunch in the garden and saw the giant bromeliad Alcanterea imperialis in bloom. We got a lot of comments on our new old house, old olive trees and new bromeliad garden. No one fell in the pond and no fights broke out over plants. I think the most popular plant was Tibouchina grandiflora although Lewisia and Echeveria were right in there. Since the open nursery we have had copious quantities of rain and temperatures about 15*f below normal- March weather in May. Hopefully we will get back to our "regular" spring weather before the tropical plants we planted in the garden start to suffer. Best of gardening to everyone.