Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bromeliad Towers

Thanks to all for making our special three hour Saturday sale a success. It was a chance to replace lost plants, and a chance to complain about the weather. (Misery likes company) This has been the coldest and wettest spring on record. But gardeners are a hardy lot and even though we have been trying to plant in mud, we still try to plant. Now that summer (?) is here maybe we can finish planting. We hear the forecast is for a cool July. Humf.... We have friends in the Southeast who are complaining of 100*F temperatures and 95% humidity- at least we can not complain about it being too hot!

In spite of the cool weather, our six foot tall bromeliad towers were quite popular at the special sale. We got the idea from the late Brazilian landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx who designed something similar at his home near Rio de Janeiro and in public landscapes in Rio. We attached Neoregelias, Tillandsias and other epiphytic plants to tree fern trunks that are rooted in cement in a nursery pot. They are designed to be placed in a larger ceramic pot. They are great on the patio or in the garden and are quite different then most container plantings. They need dappled sun or afternoon shade so they do not burn in the sun. Because they use so many plants and take some time to put together, we are making them to order. They cost $250. If you are interested please e-mail us for more details.

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